R.H. Shipping & Chartering (USA) Headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.  Opening its first office in Mexico, in 1996, R.H. Shipping  now has offices in Europe, China and USA, as well as five offices throughout Mexico.   Experienced container handlers , <RHSC> was the choice for Home Depot when thousands of containers were left behind in China, bound for various Home Depot facilities in Mexico. R.H. Shipping and Chartering not only secured space for Home Depot’s freight, but arranged delivery directly to the distribution centers in Atitalaquia and Monterrey.

With its roots in project cargo, <RHSC> is eager to serve the Breakbulk community in North America and beyond.   In an increasingly global economy, the ability to move overcapacity cargo around the world quickly reliably is of growing importance for businesses of all industries.  Our focus is on tailored, over capacity solutions via Ocean, Air, Rail and Barge as well as Heavy truck transport that meet and exceed our clients’ budgetary and operational requirements.